D.A.V. Centre for Development Inc

DAV Centre for Development in New York is the culmination of ideas and learning experience from D.A.V institutions globally but especially from D.A.V. Institutions in India. 
The D.A.V. Managing Committee, New Delhi, India has under their belt 667 educational institutions and research centers that have been the inspiring force behind the New York center.  
The aim of the organization is to function as a home base for the activities conducted towards research and scholarship in the liberal arts field. Our unique interdisciplinary approach as well as our inclusive philosophies makes us stand out. 
We are committed to be proactive about issues concerning inequality, diversity, and discrimination using innovative learning, teaching, research and education methods. 
The infrastructure of the Centre is set up under five separate but inter-related units. 
Each unit functions independently while collaborating with both intra and inter organizations across the globe. 

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