About D.A.V. Centre

D.A.V. Centre for Development is created for the purpose of building partnerships among organizations, institutions, individuals and causes. 
Towards this end, we are dedicated to research, the creation of innovative educational tools, establishing global networks and addressing issues that are pertinent in America when dealing with the globe. 
We operated under the broad framework of human rights for the well being of children, youth, families and communities particularly from the vulnerable and marginalized sections of the society. 

Goals and Objectives: 
D.A.V. Centre’s long term goal is to be a catalyst in bridging the gap between the policies and their implementation. 
Functioning both as a think tank and research hub, the Centre will bring an integrated perspective to social policy and educational endeavors.
Our objective is to publish journals, newsletters and working papers that will be distributed to our members-at-large.
Additionally the Centre will organize conferences, panels and workshops as well as collaborate with other organizations and institutions in their events.
We are dedicated to bring to United States and globally our unique approach to education, communication, policy analysis, management and implementation.