Child Social Policy Forum

CSPF is a networking unit for the Centre in the policy field.

The unit will function independently to create networks, enlist as members as well as work on researching and collaborating towards child protection, child participation, child education policies and policies relating to the millennium development goals (MDGs) set by the United Nations.

CSPF will use legal and social policy tools to consolidate the place of a child in society today and work towards developing a platform for future policy based programs. Under the unit issues pertaining to children when looked at from a health, education and safety parameter are essential. Besides this, the unit will also look at issues pertaining to adolescents / youth, gender parity, socio-economic status, identity, race and culture.

CSPF’s goal is to establish a relationship with organizations such as Childwatch International and The International Network of Child Policy Research Centers. Towards this end, the unit is working on a working paper series created by youth addressing various policy issues in reference to children for consideration at Childwatch International conference. Additionally, the unit is also in discussion with Chapin Hall Research Fellow and Associate Professor at the University Of Chicago School Of Social Service Administration, Robert Chaskin with regards to building and establishing independent research goals.

CSPF’s long term goal is to bring these partnerships and relationships together to serve as a forum for discussion, collaboration, advocacy and action between an integrated and diverse group of individuals and organizations. The unit hopes to produce a regular working papers series, lectures, panels and host conferences, workshops and other similar interactive programs. We also want to bring together educators, policy makers, change agents and decision makers so that the common objective of finding a voice for the rights and life of a child may be established. 

Child Social Policy Forum was happy to participate in EduConcept's recent conference on Early Childhood Care and Education
Delegate & Representative Priscilla Prutzman, Co Founder of Creative Response to Conflict presented on the importance of peace in Early Childhood Care
CSPF is keen to participate in the next Global Education Conference in December 2012