Class 13

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Networks, Swarms, and Multitude

   Deluze, “Post-script on the Societies of Control” (PDF)

   Warkm “A Hacker Manifesto” (PDF)

   Linklater, Waking Life

 Questions to Consider in Week 13
What is the symbiotic relationship between the discourse of control and fear? To what end do they serve?

How do these mechanisms shape our views of morality, sexuality, consumerism, health, education, politics, etc.? Look at the BIG PICTURE. 

Email Update: 

You can find a clear explanation of Cultural Contract Negotiation Theory in my book- A Rhetoric of Symbolic (google books) Identity and also in the journal article I have attached by Mark Orbe. You should read the portion in my book on the theory and Orbe's explanation of Cultural Contracts in the article

The theory is important to the film and makes viewing it enjoyable--enjoy. 

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