Class 8

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Myth, Society, and Mass Media (Group Discussions Continue)

   Boorstin, “The Image” pp. 109-123, 181-239 (handout)

   Brookes, “On Paradise Drive” (handout)

   Barthes “Myth Today” (MCS)

   Bordieu “The Aristocracy of Culture” (MCS)

The Second Sex (handout)

Eros & Pathos (handout)

Second Link for Eros & Pathos

 Questions to Consider and Discuss in Week 8

Discuss the claim that the satisfaction of primary human needs [is] now met in the most summary manner, by a ceaseless manufacture of pseudo needs.

Are pseudo events a result of our desire to want more than what reality has to offer?

Discuss the semiological relationship of what Bathes calls “myth” in the context of pseudo events, pseudo needs.